5 Ideas for a Truly Delectable Mother’s Day

The foodora Way of Saying “Thank You, Mom”

Berlin, May 3rd 2016 — Yes, it’s that time of the year again: not only is Mother’s Day a time to celebrate and commemorate mothers everywhere, it’s also a great chance to show your mum how much you care about her. And what better way to show your love than with a truly amazing meal? Everyone — including mum — loves great food, which is why we, as genuine food-lovers, have prepared a few tasty ideas to ensure your mum has an unforgettable day.

1. Give mum the gift of sleep and follow up with breakfast in bed. Allow mum her much-deserved beauty rest and then treat her to a luxurious breakfast of fluffy blueberry pancakes, an avocado-cheddar omelette with hashbrowns, a Belgian-style waffle, or even Mexican-style Huevos Rancheros. There’s not much better than waking up to great food brought to you by your loving child.

2. Unite the family for an epic brunch. Every parent loves seeing their whole family eating together, especially if that family is eating juicy cheeseburgers, crispy spring salads or just good old-fashioned breakfast fare. Wash it down with some bloody marys and your mum will enter Mother’s Day bliss.

3. Relive childhood with a tasty picnic. Think back to those cozy picnics with mum when you were younger. Wouldn’t it be great to recreate those experiences? We think your mum would love it too, especially when you treat her to wood-fired pizza or a platter of handcrafted sushi (yes, we deliver to the park). And if your mum wants a more traditional sandwich and salad picnic, you can always do that, too.

4. Chill out at tea time. If your mum is feeling proper, or just wants to relax with a nice cup of oolong or earl grey, treat her to a scrumptious tea time courtesy. Enjoy one of mum’s favourite snacks while you sip your tea — scones, anyone?

5. Wait on mum with a fancy dinner. How about waiting on mum for a change? Order a classy dinner and serve her as she’s served you countless times. It’s a great chance to show your love and of course dig into something delicious, like tender duck confit or creamy squid-ink risotto.

Bon appetit, and happy Mother’s Day!

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