The Euro Foodies and their habits

Europe is a fascinating continent. Its beautiful diversity attracts almost 600 million tourists each year. Travelling inspires us to try out the most traditional dishes each European country is famous for.

Have you ever wondered however, if the true Parisians really eat at least one Croque Monsieur a day? Or, whether a Wiener Schnitzel lands on every Viennese dinner table? The answer to this and many other burning questions have been served. Check out this infographic and ease your curiosity for good.

Take note: all data included in the infographic has been thoroughly collected and constructed based on vast company data, reliable external sources and an internal survey. Thanks to the international character of foodora we were able to get our hands on pretty interesting statistics.

This chart lists some of the most interesting facts about the eating habits of the citizens of Europe, or as we call them – the Euro Foodies. Everything you think you know about their favourite foods is about to be reversed. Take a closer look and learn who in Europe takes their time to chew on every bite, and who lives by the rule – the faster the better; who’s a true couch potato and who is really picky about the quality of their dinners.

But that’s not all. At the end of the chart you will find a little challenge. If you have a keen eye for details, you should have no problem guessing the nationality of the second family in the picture (Hint: the clues are hidden in the infographic). All your effort will be rewarded with a fun surprise. Good luck!

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About foodora:

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