Pinke Bicycles in Berlin: Startup sets the course for a bicycle-friendly city

As a sign of solidarity grace in the next 14 days 50 striking pink bicycles the metropolis. The delivery service for Berlin's most popular restaurants, foodora, drives his dishes only with bicycles and makes a colorful contribution to make the capital a better place for cyclists.  

According bicycle climate test of the ADFC (German Bicycle Club), Berlin ranks currently relegated to 30th place among the cities with more than 200 000 inhabitants. * In order to meet the demands of a bike city justice, the Senate would have 30 million euros per year in the invest bicycle, called ADFC Executive Bernd quarrel. *

Situated wheels has foodora. The Startup cooperates with more than 100 Berlin restaurants that do not offer their own delivery food. These include Royals and Rice, Vino e Basilico and the Berliner Delicatessen fraction. foodora allows them online access to a wider range of customers having to lift without the logistical challenges of its own delivery fleet.

Here, the founders made a conscious decision to build only on the muscular strength of his bicycle couriers to deliver the ordered dishes from the restaurant up to the doorstep of the customer. Thus, the startup aims to facilitate the situation of cyclists in the capital.

"Bicycles give us the flexibility to quickly and environmentally friendly to get through the city traffic. A bicycle-friendly Berlin makes working for our drivers easier and safer. But we are committed to, "said Konstantin flour, founder and CEO of foodora.

How foodora work?

On Customers can choose their favorite restaurant in their area and then release the order convenient to your home or work supply. foodora supplies within a radius of no more than four kilometers of its partner restaurants. The average delivery time is 32 minutes. Payment is made online by credit card, PayPal or Sofortüberweisung.

About foodora

foodora is the friendliest delivery service for the best restaurants in Germany. The intelligent online platform was founded in Munich in October 2014. Konstantin flour (CEO), Emanuel Pallua (COO), Manuel Thurner (CTO), Stefan Rothlehner (CTO) and Sergei Krauze (CTO). Today, the startup of Berlin operates in six German cities. A specially developed algorithm identifies the optimal route between drivers, restaurant and customers. foodora sets with each order on quality food, fast delivery and friendly drivers.

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Über foodora

About foodora:

foodora is dedicated to bringing food lovers around the world their favorite meals from curated local restaurants. Since its creation, the on-demand food delivery service has grown to more than 9,000 partner restaurants in more than 65 cities across 10 countries globally. foodora is active in Austria, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden in Europe, as well as Australia and Canada. It belongs to Delivery Hero, worldwide leader of the food delivery industry. For more information visit

How it works:

Through the foodora website or via the new iOS and Android apps, customers can enter their area and view a curated list of restaurants serving their neighborhood. Once they have found their meal of choice, they can place an order in the comfort of their home or office, paying online through foodora’s secure platform. The order is then carefully prepared by the restaurant, picked up by the foodora rider and delivered straight to their doorstep in around 30 minutes. You could also pick your order up from your favorite restaurant on your way with our pick-up feature, the choice is yours!